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Bobbo is on the scrapyard planet and builds his own spaceship


When a run-away diaper meets a duck-like bird, the two decide to venture into space…
This is a book about the adventures of two unlikely friends: the diaper Bobbo, who loves learning and to build his own spaceships, and his loyal friend Näbbo. With the help of their friends Small-dog Voffie, Princess Karlaplan, the wizard Merlin and many others, they travel to  planets, solve mysteries, overcome challenges and learn new skills. But when Old-dog tells them that Bad-guy Master is preparing an attack on their Universe, their venture turns into quest: can they stop evil from sneaking in and destroying their home?

About Bobbo and Näbbo

This is a chapter book series and an adventure story for children aged 4-10. Bobbo and Näbbo grow together with your child, learn, develop strong and competent character, discover the inner hero, and make friends on the way.

About the author

Lars grew up in the story-telling culture of Scandinavia, in the land of Pippi Long-stocking. It wasn’t however until his own children requested stories, that he discovered a passion for story telling. His three children came up with the characters and the story grew in the telling. It became an beloved family project with everyone contributing and bonding over plot and character development. It became the only story his children requested every night, to the delight of mommy, who enjoyed this needed break. Lars wove into the story knowledge from history, physics, arts, architecture, biology and introduced good values.

Lars has written several fiction and non-fiction books. He loves his family, reading and sports and splits his time between Stockholm and the Mediterranean island of Mallorca.

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