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The Space Adventures of Bobbo and Näbbo / full e-book


When a run-away diaper meets a duck-like bird, the two decide to venture into space… 
This is a chapter book about the adventures of two friends: the diaper Bobbo, who loves learning and to build his own spaceships, and his loyal friend Näbbo. They fly into space with their own self-made spaceship, overcome many challenges, help others and make many new friends: the Small-dog Voffie, Princess Karlaplan, the wizard Merlin and many others. They solve mysteries, confront their fears and grow in skills and wisdom. But when Old-dog tells them that Bad-guy Master is preparing an attack on their Universe, their adventure turns into a Quest: can they find the strength and courage to stop evil?
This is the full e-book. You can also buy it as a paperback.



Your child learns independent thinking, how to develop a strong character and how to be a loyal friend. Bobbo and Näbbo is an adventure story that introduces knowledge from history, physics, how to build competence, inspires your child to imagine, to dare, to explore, to invent solutions and never to give up. The book introduces them to ideas of strategic thinking, about understanding the motivation, skills and interests of different groups and personages, and shows them how to bring them together towards a goal.
The book inspires good values and to develop a strong personality.


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